Internship with UNRoD

Since 2009, UNRoD established an internship programme. About 50 qualified students from over 30 countries have benefited from it. UNRoD’s internship programme is unique of its kind, since all interns, after two to three weeks of intense training, are introduced to performing functions very similar to those being carried out by UNRoD Legal Officers. Interns are, therefore, practically helping to process concrete legal cases and thus acquiring the required expertise and skills for mass claim processing. This allows the interns to better obtain the concrete knowledge and practical skills in techniques and methodologies of mass claims processing that are usually not covered in universities’ curriculum. The level of training and knowledge obtained have allowed some of the best qualified former interns to be provided at a later stage with the opportunity to work with UNRoD as an individual contractor.

Main Functions to be carried out during the internship
The primary objective of the work of the intern is to provide support to the Claims Officers in the Claims Processing Unit.
Background Information
The United Nations Register of Damage caused by the Construction of the Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory has been established by General Assembly Resolution ES-10/17 of 24 January 2007 “to serve as a record, in documentary form, of the material damage caused to all natural and legal persons concerned as a result of the construction of the Wall by Israel, the occupying Power, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem”. The overall objective of the Office of UNRoD is to establish and maintain that Register of Damage which will be achieved through the progressive registration of damage claims and maintenance of the Register of Damage.
The Office is composed of a three-member Board and a small office, headed by an Executive Director, consisting of substantive, administrative and technical support staff; The United Nations Register of Damage is a subsidiary organ of the General Assembly operating under the administrative authority of the Secretary-General and was established at the site of the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV).
UNRoD’s expected accomplishment is the registration of claims related to damage caused by the construction of the Wall and maintenance of the Register of Damage through (i) informing affected natural and legal persons about the possibility of and requirements for filing a claim for registration of damage, (ii) receiving and processing claims, and (iii) registering those claims which the Board of UNRoD decides to include in the Register based on objective eligibility criteria.
UNRoD will remain active for the duration of the registration process. The maintenance of the Register itself is a continuous process, which will most likely take several years, given the thousands of potential claims and the continued construction of the Wall, which may result in new claims arising.
Since the Office of UNRoD is located in Vienna, the main operational challenge to the implementation of its mandate is to make arrangements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around Jerusalem, for:

  • undertaking outreach activities in order to inform potential claimants of the right of all natural and legal persons who have suffered damage as a
    result of the construction of the Wall to submit a claim to UNRoD, and to disseminate information about the existence and purpose of UNRoD and the procedure for filing a claim with UNRoD; and
  • conducting claims intake activities including distribution of Claim Forms to potential claimants, assisting claimants in completing the Claim Forms, and collection and delivery of completed Claim Forms to UNRoD’s office in Vienna for further processing, as well as continued communication with claimants relating to the processing of their claims.

Intern Objective and Learning Elements
To obtain the necessary training and knowledge that would qualify for a professional post in the UN or other international organizations.
After the assignment, the intern will be able to:
Process claims in various categories according to established eligibility criteria.
Understand principals and procedures of mass claims processing and to successfully work in any similar program.
Specific Assignment
The primary objective of the work of the intern is to provide support to the Claims Officers in the Claims Processing Unit. S/he will contribute to processing damage claims with a view to submitting them through the Executive Director to the Board for approval. In this context, the intern will:

  • Process claims to be submitted through the Executive Director to the Board for decision as to their inclusion in the Register of Damage;
  • Keep an accurate record of claims brought before the Register of Damage; Prepare case summaries, case presentations and reports;
  • Review the work of the Language Reference Assistants involved in Claims Processing, providing guidance, basic interpretation of policies to ensure
  • timely and accurate processing;
  • Fulfil other duties as required and assigned.

Expected Qualifications / Skills
Professionalism - Ability to apply legal or established principles, concepts and procedures for review, examination and processing of claims and documents; strong analytical skills; ability to develop and present recommendations and opinions clearly.
Technological awareness – Fully proficient computer skills; Ability to use relevant software applications and database;
Communication - communication (spoken, written, and presentation) skills including ability to defend and explain complex issues and positions to senior officials;
Teamwork - Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

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